Blepharoplasty Cost – Estimating the Price of Eyelid Surgery

Anyone who is considering having blepharoplasty surgery – an eyelid lift – has hopefully researched all that is involved with this procedure including the different types of surgery, and how blepharoplasty is done and finally blepharoplasty cost.

It should also be noted that eyelid lift surgery is usually considered an elective, cosmetic surgery procedure, so most people end up paying for it out of pocket.

Being able to accurately estimate blepharoplasty cost is therefore fairly important, so that candidates for this procedure can appropriately plan ahead and get the best results for their effort, and their money.

Blepharoplasty Cost Considerations

The cost of eyelid surgery is going to differ based on a number of different things, those being whether the procedure is being performed on upper or lower lids (or both), which type of procedure is being used, what additional procedures or treatments may be required, and where the surgery will be performed.

In regard to the surgery itself, there are a few different techniques that can be used in blepharoplasty, which could affect final fees charged by doctors.

Lower And Upper Eyelid Surgery


Lower blepharoplasty is generally performed using either an incision under the lash line, or by what is called transconjunctival blepharoplasty,

where the incision is made inside the eyelid so that there is no scar left after surgery. Upper eyelid lifts involve cutting away excess skin, and may also require the additional procedure of a brow lift.

Based on estimates provided by plastic surgeons currently performing blepharoplasty, the average costs for lower lid lifts range from $2,500 to $3,500 (for both lower eyelids), with any additional treatments such as laser skin resurfacing to help tighten skin and reduce existing under-eye wrinkles, costing extra.

The basic upper eyelid surgery starts with the same price range, though the addition of a brow lift if necessary will increase that fee by about $2,000. Most facilities also offer a discounted rate if both upper and lower lids are being done at the same time, with estimates falling between $4,500 and $6,000 for the basic surgery.

Regular Surgery Or Laser Pros & Cons

Eyelid lift surgery can be done conventionally with a regular scalpel, or with a laser. Although the point of laser surgery is typically to be less invasive, faster, and cleaner, there does not seem to be any notable benefit to having laser blepharoplasty performed, and it can actually increase healing time.

Before agreeing to laser blepharoplasty it is recommended that individuals discuss the actual benefits with their plastic surgeon first. If the option of laser blepharoplasty will incur added cost, candidates should consider what the pros and cons might be, and whether or not they deem that extra cost worthwhile.

Operating Room Fee And Other Charges

Eyelid lift surgeries are performed as outpatient procedures in either a private surgical setting or a hospital. When estimating total cost, it is important to inquire where the procedure will be performed, and whether or not the operating room fee is included.

In most cases, procedures performed at the plastic surgeon’s own facility include use of the operating area in their fees. Use of a hospital OR is not always quoted in estimates however, and can tack on an additional $1,250 or more, depending on the hospital.

Also, if the procedure will be done under a general anesthetic, determine whether OR fees include a licensed anesthesiologist or an RN; those wishing to have their anesthesia monitored by the anesthesiologist may have an added charge of $200 or more per hour in that case, unless it is included in the base OR fee.

Additional Expenses to Keep in Mind

  • Besides the base fees for the surgery itself, the operating room and anesthesia, there are a few other fees that should be factored in as well in order accurately estimate blepharoplasty cost.
  • The initial consultation fee should be included, as well any re-examinations the plastic surgeon will require after the surgery is completed.
  • Also, in most cases all patients are required to have blood tests done before any anesthetic procedures – usually a complete blood panel at the least.
  • Basic laboratory testing will usually run between $100 and $300, more if additional or specialize tests are ordered.
  • Then, after the procedure has been done, patients should also factor in the cost of any medications if these are not automatically included in the base fees quoted.

Insurance Companies and Eyelid Surgery Cost

Generally considered a cosmetic surgery that is performed for elective reasons, when blepharoplasty is deemed medically necessary, some insurance companies will actually pay for it.

In order to determine this however, candidates will usually have to undergo specific eye and vision tests, the cost of which they will end up being responsible for in the event an insurance company does not find test results indicative of requiring surgery.

If surgery is being performed for medical reasons, it is a good idea to contact your insurance company ahead of time and discuss it with them to make sure any testing requirements are met first, to increase the chance that it will be covered.

As with any medical procedure, cost estimates are usually just that – estimates – since every person is different, and many times the true extent of the work required may not be totally evident until the procedure has begun.

Your plastic surgeon’s office should be able to clarify many of the questions associated with cost and any associated expenses so that you will have an accurate idea of the monetary outlay involved when you are ready to get your eyelid surgery done.