Try A Nose Job Simulator Before Deciding on Rhinoplasty

Deciding on getting a nose job, whether for aesthetic, cosmetic purposes or to repair some kind of medical condition, takes a lot of consideration.

It can be an extensive procedure and cost a good bit of money, so naturally anyone thinking of having this done wants to know everything they possibly can about what will happen and how they will look when the procedure is complete and they have finished healing.

Sometimes it can be difficult to envision what you will look like with a “new” nose, which is where nose job simulator software can come in handy.

As silly as it may seem, a simulator that will show you what your nose will look like can be an important part of the decision-making process.

There are many different ways a plastic surgeon can repair and shape a new nose, so having an idea which shape will look best on you is important.

It can also be comforting, since you will have an idea ahead of time as to how your nose and your face will look after the surgery or filler applications, removing a lot more of the question involved in actually committing to getting your nose job done.

Using a Nose Job Simulator

Whether done in the privacy of your own home, or in the plastic surgeon’s office, using a computer program to be able to visualize how certain changes will affect the look of your nose is a great way to help figure out if this is a change you’re really ready for and also save you any nose job cost.

  • In most cases, people are thrilled to see their improved, new nose, and being able to see it on their own face via an uploaded picture of themselves is the perfect way to do that.
  • With all of these programs, whether they are free, online for general use or they are professional versions for surgeons, each person can get to see how they, themselves will look by using their own image.
  • A photo is uploaded and, with the mouse, areas of the photo can be highlighted, selected, and then reshaped very easily.
  • Users can keep playing with the photo until they have the nose they have always dreamed of, and then save the finished image.
  • Printing out a side-by-side comparison is a great way to really see the differences and make sure this is what you want before signing on the dotted line and agreeing to any kind of procedure.
  • Best of all, by creating an image of the changes you desire, it will make discussing your procedure with your surgeon much easier so that everyone involved is working toward the same goal.
  • If your changes are not possible for some reason, or will require extensive work that you are not prepared for, you will be able to discuss all this ahead of time, leaving no after surgery surprises.
  • Using a nose job simulator is a known factor in increased satisfaction levels among patients undergoing rhinoplasty, so it is highly recommended.

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Best Online Nose Job Simulator Programs for Patients

Plastic Surgery Simulator – a free program that covers rhinoplasty, as well as some other types of cosmetic surgery to help users visualize their surgical results. Program is free and available for Windows, Mac, iPad/iPhone, Android and also on Facebook.

FaceTouchup – A free, simple, web-based application that allows users to try a sample image first if you like, before uploading your own image. Very easy selection and movement/adjustment of body areas.

Provides profile and frontal image options and saves as a before and after, as well. Registration required to upload your own image and save your results.

Surgery Morph – A free, web-based professional version cosmetic surgery simulator that is marketed toward surgeon’s offices, but can be used by patients as well.

Free demo images available to try the program online, but emailing in for a password is required. Registration required to upload your own images and use the program fully. Also permits saving of images, before and after, and uploading of images to Facebook.

Professional Rhinoplasty Simulators for Surgeons

Once you have an idea as to the look you want to achieve with your rhinoplasty, and you’ve had a chance to try out some of the online programs available, your surgeon will likely make use of his own, more professional software, too.

With 3-D simulators, the surgeon can not only give patients an even better look at how their finished nose will turn out, but based on how the images are scanned – using a special 3-dimensional scanner – will be able to explain the details of the procedure itself.

3-D imagery gives a very detailed look of both the inside of the nose as well as the outside, which helps surgeons understand the physical defects that are present, and what they need to do to repair them while still providing the end results that the patient wants.

Trying out one of these simulator programs can not only be fun, giving you a glimpse of how a new nose would look, but they can really help you be sure before you make that final decision to go ahead with your plastic surgery.

When it comes to any kind of cosmetic surgery you can never be too sure in what you want out of the experience; use these online Nose Job Simulator tools to help you and your surgeon decide what is best for you so your results are just what you were expecting.

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